We Will Play: Protest, Performance, and Physical Activism.

We Will Play




We Will Play is a part of an ongoing series of protests and cultural activism that drive my art practice. This project uses sport as a mode of entry into a much larger predicament: the issue of gender discrimination in Saudi Arabia. The subject of sport for women in Saudi Arabia seems to have little or no priority on the Saudi feminist agenda. This pressing issue, however, gained momentum as a result of the 2012 London Olympics controversy. The controversy polarized national opinion and created considerable global attention. The aim is to maintain the momentum by initiating constructive debate and opening new lines of inquiry with respect to the role of women in the Saudi society. Through this work I wish to inspire Saudi women and men to re-examine their own personal positions and prejudices towards gender discrimination in general and towards gender and sport specifically.

The multi-media endurance performance entitled City for All will take place at Sydney College of the Art during the postgraduate degree show in December 2014. City for All is overtly critical of Saudi laws and social norms that discriminate against women and girls. The title City for All references the proclaimed philosophy of ‘Sport for All’ in the way that both are yet to be globally realized. Please note, while this is a silent performance visitors are encouraged to engage with the artist through twitter or instagram @MsSaffaa.

The Postgraduate Degree Show opens on Wednesday 3 December, 6 to 8pm. The exhibition continues to Wednesday 10 December.

Special thanks to
Danielle Warby

Lou Lou Stanly at Sydney University Sport and Fitness

Tonika Health

Athlete Lab (Sydney)


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