Two Peas in a Pod: A Fairytale.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a man called Tony Abbott. This man appointed himself the Minister of Women’s Affairs. His credentials are … well … he’s got a penis. Meanwhile, in another land also far, far away there lived a man called Saleh al-Lohaidan. This man claimed that driving “affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis upward.” His scientific credentials … well … he’s a religious cleric. Both men are incredibly sensible and highly intellectual creatures. This fairytale ends like this, Tony Abbott ends up stranded on a desert island without a visa because his boat … well … you know what happens to his boat. He meets Saleh al-Lohaidan who offers him shelter and food. Tony Abbott falls in love with Saleh al-Lohaidan when he realizes how incredibly similar their worldviews are. Tony Abbott ends up saving Saleh al-Lohaidan from that desert island and takes him back to his enlightened land. Tony Abbott steps down from his self-appointed position and appoints Saleh al-Lohaidan the new Minister of Women’s Affairs. They live happily ever after.

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