I Am My Own Guardian 2012

I Am My Own Guardian is the title of my new body of work and research. In the weeks leading to SCA’s 2012 undergraduate degree show, I will be posting slogans in this space. After grad show I will post images of the actual work. So keep watching this space.

When I speak of Saudi women, I speak about them and not for them. As one would expect, my opinions do not represent the entire Saudi female population, my opinions represent me and those who believe in equality.



13 thoughts on “I Am My Own Guardian 2012

  1. Goddamn that first picture is powerful! great artwork, I will share this on my blog and link back to you.

    If you mind, just let me know and I wont.


  2. Love your work…. can I please show my students? I teach Gender Based Violence as a public health issue and this would so set the scene for discussion! with full links and reference of course!!!!


  3. I am writing a research paper about your amazing work but unfortunately i don’t have enough information about your artwork “I am my own Guardian” so i was hoping you would help me out and fill me in with how, where, when and why you started this artwork. It would be great help and hopefully this paper would recive public attention which would give your artwork more attention that it desreves. Thank you


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