Beyond The Track

When my skates are touching the concrete I am grounded,
connected and in turn my senses are alert and alive. When my skates
are suspended mid air I am weightless, empowered by the force of
energy the air around me creates. The concrete enables me to defy
gravity and be free from constraints. The moments when my body is
suspended mid air encapsulate the overcoming and breaking free of
social constraints. The constrains I am bounded by as a Saudi woman
living independently in the West and as a woman in general. The
unwritten rules of skateparks echoes those of our society. There is
this a silent language spoken at skateparks. A nod, a look, a
gesture is all one needs to communicate. It’s a universal language.
Understood and performed by all riders regardless to age, gender,
race, or class. Beyond The Track is a
collection of portraits capturing moments of brilliance performed
by roller derby players beyond the derby track and in skateparks.

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